All Kitchen Equipment For The Restaurant: The Ultimate Checklist

Are you thinking of setting up your restaurant? Are you thinking about what equipment you will need for your restaurant kitchen?

There are many essential things to do when starting a restaurant. You have to choose a location, design it, hire staff and much more.

Similarly, getting the right equipment for your kitchen is also crucial in starting a restaurant.

For that reason, we have listed all the essential kitchen equipment you need for your restaurant. Having all of these tools will give you a solid foundation to operate your kitchen efficiently.

Kitchen equipment

When choosing your kitchen equipment, be sure to recognize which pieces of equipment your staff will use most often. Feel free to spend money to get high-quality equipment. Otherwise, it could cost your restaurant more money in the long run.

Here is a list of essential cooking equipment:


It’s obvious; every kitchen needs to have an oven. But what kind of oven will you need? This depends on the type of meals your restaurant offers. There are many types of ovens:

  • Commercial oven: Together with the ability to continually and certainly cook or roast meals is eminent for any kitchen. Commercial ovens are workhorses in about any restaurant kitchen once you serve an assortment of snacks from roasts.
  • Convection oven: used to bake things like cakes, pies, bread, etc.
  • Combination Oven – Many cooking methods such as broiling, broiling, frying, and baking can be used.
  • Pizza oven: used to make pizzas or even desserts.


Like ovens, they are also crucial for restaurants. They allow you to cook a variety of recipes. Difference between kitchen and stove?

Cookers are generally integrated with your oven. A stove is a kitchen appliance without an oven. There are two types of kitchens:

  • Gas – These ranges offer a faster cooking speed. The downside is that they carry the risk of fire and accidents. They are also more difficult to clean.
  • Electric – These ranges are easy to use and clean. But they are slower and can result in a higher electricity bill.


First, you need to think about your restaurant kitchen layout while building your ventilation system. For example, you should have vents over your ranges and fryers to suck in all the cooking oil and smoke Spotify promotion. On the contrary, you probably don’t need a vent over your kitchen sink.

  • Volumetric airflow
  • Size
  • Electrical efficiency
  • Noise


The steaks and burgers are delicious! If you want to offer them to your customers, you will need a grill. If you plan to use an indoor grill, be sure to design your kitchen layout and ventilation system in a way that you can handle it.


This multipurpose equipment can be very useful for the kitchen of a restaurant. You can use it to defrost any frozen ingredient or reheat prepared foods. It is nice to have a microwave oven in a commercial kitchen.

Other useful kitchen equipment

We have talked about the basic kitchen equipment. Now let’s look at a list of some other useful cooking equipment:

  • Deep Fryer: Useful for preparing fried foods like French fries, chicken fillets, etc.
  • Holding cabinets: used to keep food at a specified temperature before it is ready or served.
  • Toaster: used for many breakfast dishes.
  • Coffee Maker – Even if you are not opening a coffee shop, coffee is a popular drink that your restaurant should serve. It is asked very frequently for breakfast.

Choosing and buying all the equipment for a restaurant can be a stressful and expensive task. Therefore, you can bookmark this web page and access it when planning to buy your kitchen equipment.