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Craft Beer Equipment: The Importance Of Professional Packaging

Small brews, unusual ingredients, and the highest quality standards: the world of craft brewers obeys its own laws.

The terms ‘pilsen’, ‘blonde,’ and ‘wheat beer’ are known to beer fans around the globe. However, others such as ‘India Pale Ale,’ ‘Stout,’ or ‘Porter’ are known only to connoisseurs circles, although this will likely change very soon, as specialty craft beers are currently on the rise.

Before entering the counter, beer goes through several stages of packaging. A single product is packaged in polyethylene packs from 6 to 24 pieces, regardless of the container – reinforced concrete, PET, or glass. For large-sized transportation, beer is packaged in corrugated cardboard or multi-board board boxes. All types of transport are used for transportation: water, air, rail, road.

Also, large batches are poured into barrels. For retail chains, the volume should not exceed 100 liters. Larger barrels are allowed to be stored at wholesalers. The foamy drink is brought to retail tapping points in isothermal tank trucks. The role of large-scale, wholesale beer packaging is purely utilitarian. Its main task is to allow the goods to get from point A to point B safe and sound. For transportation, special wagons and cars are used since shaking negatively affects the quality of the drink.

Beer containers, in contrast to containers for strong alcoholic beverages, have great marketing potential. Beer is a drink that is consumed in large companies and is part of public events. The cultural background of beer consumption allows us to link it with many pleasant events for the mass consumer. The same vodka, cognac, rum, whiskey, and other spirits have more vulnerabilities than beer and are more individual.

Profit analysis for investing large beer equipment from 2016 to 2021

According to estimates, the return on investment in equipment for a large beer in the period from 2016 to 2021 is as follows: the projected rates of return on investment CoinJoin of large beer equipment in 2009,2010, 2011,2012 are 21.52%, 23.74%, 24.25 %, 25.22%, respectively. Overall, as the broader environment of China’s future economy gradually develops, the rate of return on investment in large beer equipment will increase.

Beer equipment – types

Beer coolers. They are used to keep the drink fresh and at the right temperature for as long as possible.

Beer columns. Another type of equipment for dispensing beer, which, first of all, performs an aesthetic function and serves as an excellent way of original serving of a drink.

Bar equipment. It not only speeds up the beer bottling process, keeping it fresh and cool for a fairly long time but also plays an aesthetic role. Every bar or any other drinking establishment has high-tech beer equipment. This includes beer taps, pouring, and pouring heads.

Defoamers. They not only optimize and improve the performance of the beer equipment but also improve the level of service. In addition, defoamers accelerate the pouring of the intoxicating drink, which is very important in pubs, where this process is almost continuous.

Beer equipment – recommendations for selection

It is very important that the beer dispensing equipment you choose meets the following parameters:

  • was made from quality materials;
  • had no backlash;
  • beer equipment should optimally ensure the maintenance of the required level of carbon dioxide in the beer at all times;
  • be sure to purchase equipment that is based on the isobaric principle of operation;
  • meet quality and safety standards;
  • contributed to the acceleration of the beer bottling process;
  • kept the temperature necessary for the drink;
  • had an aesthetic appearance.

When choosing beer equipment, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made, as well as the quality of the equipment assembly itself. Prices for such equipment differ and depend, first of all, on the functionality of a particular object.…